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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a police pursuit ends in gunfire. the latest just moments away. the investigation continues into what sparked a massive fire that destroyed several home in manassas. >> his nightly comedy central show makes light of the the bill political headlines of the day but the cause behind stephen cole we are's trip to capitol hill is no laughing matter. we are live with more on the
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controversy surrounding his visit coming up. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> good morning. it is friday, september 24, 2010. can you tell it is a foggy washington, d.c. this morning as we continue to heat up today. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins is here as we get ready for a hot one today p. >> our two weather stories, the fog that we have that is dense in places. and then the heat continues today. i think today will be warmer than yesterday. we could set a record for today believe are to not. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region where we are primarily in the 70s. some spots, the upper 60s. but it is 7 # in d.c. 70 in baltimore. 7 # at patuxent naval air station. 67degrees out at dulles airport
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at this hour. here is a look at the sat-rad. -- 72 in d.c. 7 # at 73 at participation. some fog up to the north. cloud out to the west. out to the west, an area of rain associated with the frontal boundary. we do expect heat and humidity. check it out. lots of sunshine for today. a high temperature we think about 95 degrees. if we get to 95, that will be a new record for the day topping the old record of 94. there you go. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's get to julie wright. she has the latest on our on- time traffic. good morning. >> we'll get back to julie
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wright in just a few minutes. news of a police chase that started in district heights, maryland and crossed into the district, i fired. that is what led to the saskatoon you just saw there in that video. prince george's county police have been chasing suspects accused in an armed carjacking. two vehicles were involved. the suspects in the honda reportedly bail the out at 31st and g streets in southeast d.c. they apparently got into a shootout with police officers. nobody was hurt. two suspects were arrested. police are still look identifying burgundy toyota avalon with maryland license plates. also making headlines being homes in a virginia subdivision reduced to rubble. now, firefighters want to know what started this massive fire in manassas. as many as 16 people have been forced from their homes because of this fire. the fire broke out around 3:30 yesterday afternoon along tillot loop. one woman was taken to the
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hospital from just the shock of seeing her home burned to the ground. it took firefighters an hour and a half to bring that blaze under control. they believe the fire started in the middle house and then quickly spread in both directions from there. now, again, three homes were destroyed. five others were damaged. and the red cross is helping displaced families find temporary shelter. still no word on what started a fire that killed a virginia mother and two of her children. ally anderson saved three of her children as her lorton town home burned on wednesday. she managed to lower them out a window down to their uncle but then she went back to get her youngest sons but neither she nor her sons made it out. neighbors tried to help out but couldn't get inside because the fire was too intense. for the first time in nearly 100 years, virginia has put a woman to death. it was also the first of a woman in the united states in five years. she was convicted of arranging
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the killing of her husband and stepson to cash in on a $250,000 insurance payment. at the prison, officials say she entered the death chamber on her owned and apoll wriesed for the vic tip's sister. >> the execution of theresa lewis has been carried out in the manner as prescribed by the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. >> tonight, the machinery of death in virginia extinguished the beautiful child-like and loving human spirit of theresa lewis. >> lewis become the 1th woman executed in the -- became the 12th woman executed since the u.s. resumed the death penalty
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in 1976. with critical elects just a few weeks away, leads are come to try to talk to businesses about their pledge to america.  four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big
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corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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the u.s. walks out during a speech by iran's president at the nation. mahmoud am din japped gad says most americans think the 9-11 tacks were carried out by the u.s. government. 3 # other delegations joined the american diplomats in walking out. there were also protestors outside the u.n. demonstrating against the iranian president. the iranian president hinted that his country might be willing to return to international negotiations over a controversial nuke program. president obama spoke right before the iran onpresident and he left the door open to negotiations. in his speech of course the president also urged world
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leaders to stand united on mideast peace. he says there must be peace in the region and called on israel to stop building new settlements in palestinian territories. >> if an agreement is not reached, palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state. israelis will never know the certainty and security that comes with sovereign and stable neighbors who are committed to coexistence. >> palestinian officials say for talks to continued, israeli leaders must he can tend the moratorium on building new settlements in the west bank. republican leaders laid out their agenda at a hardware store in sterling, virginia trying to reach out to workers and businesses in their pledge to america. the gop says they'll put people back to work by cutting taxes and spending. the party promises to repeal the health care reform law and end president obama's economic stimulus program. >> these are the things that the american people are demanding. and our pledge to america is
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that the republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today. >> surveys indicate the republicans have a chance of winning control of the house in the november elections and possibly the senate as well. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the presumptive next mayor of the district meets the schools chancellor michelle rhee. what they had to say next is coming up. as we head to break, we'll take another live look outside and look at the 14th street bridge. a little bit of fog out there. we'll check in with tony perkins on the forecast and julie wright will bring us up to speed on traffic. wa
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welcome back. we take another live look outside. can you kind of see the cathedral in the distance and also see the fog that is
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enveloping the area as well this morning. keep that in mind as you head out for the morning commute. >> looks like a shot of london. it is very foggy if places, folks and it is going to be through the early-morning hours so it will take a while. the sun doesn't come up until 6:58 today. it will take a while to burn that fog off. it is here and it is thick in places. let's talk about heat. we'll go back to yesterday and start with that where we did tie a record. we tied a record at dulles airport. earlier, i think we said we broke the record but we tied it. 93degrees at dulles. at reagan national, it was 93. that was no record. bwi marshall, 89 degrees for your high. we remain at 73. we've got to change that bug
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there. 70 in baltimore. 72 in annapolis. dulles at 66. fredericksburg at 70. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. we've got -- okay, now, it's working right. we've shown you the fog on all the live shots this morning. we do see clouds up to the north an west. that is about it. we will be mostly cloud-free today. again, morning fog. that will take a while to burn off but mostly cloud-free and then some rain showers aligned with a frontal system but that is well out to the west. i do expect to see some changes in our forecast. we'll get some rain in here as early as sunday afternoon, i think. but the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies. hot and humid. record heat for today, 95 degrees inform we get to 95 and we believe we will, otherwise we wouldn't put it up there, that will be a new record. the old record 94 degrees set back in 1970. for tonight, 70 degrees your overnight low, clear skies. a mild to warm night.
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then your five-day forecast, big changes, folks. going to feel like summer today. tomorrow, mid-80s. that is still a summery temperature but it will be much cooler than today. 86 for your high tomorrow. i think tomorrow is the better of the two days. sunday, we get clouds working in. could see some rain showers but we do need the rain. 75 for your high. how about this. highs in the mid-70s for the next several days starting on sunday with a chance of rain each of those days. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get julie wright in here to find out what is happening with traffic. >> busy commute in southeast washington. it was a police chase that ended along branch avenue at randall circle. you will find a portion of branch shut down. this is impacting the ride off of massachusetts avenue and minnesota avenue. this is all in southeast washington and it remains closed off until further notice. because of the fog we've been mentioning, there is no crew in sky fox with us at this time. visibilities at a minimum he
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-- especially in prince george's county. this is a better shot although still foggy here on the beltway at colesville road. again, allow yourself some extra time as you leave the house. outer loop starting to slow as you approach 29 in silver spring. 29 looks good. no incidents to report from randolph road out towards university boulevard. by contrast, this is 395. nice and clear not only with the weather but with the speeds and the commute as you travel from the beltway leaving duke street headed up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the district's presumptive next mayor vincent gray sat down if a much-anticipated first meeting with d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee following last week's primary. the two emerged to a swarm of media and rhee who was a staunch supporter of mayor fenty kept very quiet but gray announced that the meeting was productive though no decisions had be made about rhee's future. >> the chancellor and i just fin underred what i think was a
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very productive meeting. i think one of one of the things we agree on is that we won't the best for our kids in the district of columbia. weville have those conversations in a later discussion. we did not talk about chancellor rhee staying or going. we talked about the state of education in the city. >> gray plans to meet with rhee sometime in the next few week an says no personnel decisions will be announced until after the election. eddie fisher has died. his singing career was overshadowed by his profile marriages to elizabeth taylor and debbie reynolds. he was 82 years old. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, there is more mixed news if you are in the market to sell our home. we'll get the latest on that plus the rest of today's business news coming up next. it is now 6:19. love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day
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the ceo of block bustedder says he plans to evaluate every single store in the video rental chain to determine which stores should close and find ways to reduce cost. they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to stay afloat. they have been struggling to compete with mail order movebury services and dvd rental kiosks. jobless claims went back up again this week but there is some good news when it comes to the housing market at least. chris cotter with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. now, chris, the national association of realtors says existing homes rebounded better than expected in august but it sound like there was really nowhere to go but up from there. >> tass exactly right. the headline comes out and everybody sees it at 10:00 in the morning and wow, up 7.6%. that is great. when you think about it, you think july was the worst month
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we had had in 15 years. so we're up 7. 6% from the worst month. that make august the second worst month we've had in 15 years in terms of existing home sales. so it was an okay number, better than expected but still not great. we are still in this housing trough. now, with get new home sales today so we'll keep an eye on that number as well. to maybe support that we're climbing out of this trough although we'll have to see trend months not just one month, sarah. that will tell us that things are heading in the right intersection. >> nonetheless, maybe those numbers will help. yesterday, we ended on a down note. do we think the news of this coming out might help us shoot back up here today? >> we also get durable goods orders. that will be another big report. you are buying big stuff. how that is working out and how is the economy in terms of growing and making those big ticket purchases. that will be very important so that number comes out this morning as well. and i think we may see a little
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bit of a rebound. at least our futuress are indicating as such which is really good news. youd into a little pull back every now and then. we have a two-day 100 point pullback on the dow right now. that is a pretty booed sign that the market is resilient and wanting to go higher. >> congress passing did the 480 billion jobs bill, accepting it to the president. that is supposed to help loosen up lending to small businesses but not everyone thinks this is going to work specifically the republicans. talk about that a little bit. >> exactly. almost all the republicans. almost all of them, not quite all of them but of a got a 40 billion-dollar plus bill going to president obama's desk to be signed today. build$30billion will be money that goes to small or community- sized banks to get them to start lending money. the community banks say that is great. give us the money. those who are opposed to the bill say it is like another tarp. you you are giving the banks the money. he this can do with it what
6:26 am
they wanted. there is no demand for it on the commercial loans on the other side. credit-worthy small businesses don't have the deplanned for that money right now. they are too scared to grow. they are more concerned with tax policy. community batching groups love t small business groups don't like it so much. the. >> debate rolls on on capitol hill. thank you so much from the fox business network. >> coming up, funny man stephen colbert of comedy central will be on capitol hill today. the cause behind his trip to d.c. is really no laughing matter. that is just ahead. plus, the redskins are looking to bounce back from a tough loss. dave ross joins us with his friday football forecast for the match-up with the rams. as we head to break, we take a live look outside. we'll get a look at your weather and traffic coming up when we return. it is now 6:26. úúúúú@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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a foggy washington d.c. as we take a look at the cathedral in the background. does it look like it is burning off just a little bit or maybe my hopes are just high? >> that is a good question. tucker, you might be better versed to answer that one. >> things will improve gradually over the next couple of hours. fog is dense in a few spots. take it easy. it will be another hot, bright, sunny record high temperature day around here. hot an humid. high temperatures back in the mid-90s. >> we ead that to burn the fog off. we can look at it that way. >> there you go. temperatures in the 70s here in town. we are 7 # degrees. lots of humidity out there. that is that fog, 90%. winds out of the south at six miles per hour. -- we are at 73 degrees.
6:31 am
we are looking at generally sunny skies. we have the fog out there and a little bit of cloudiness working into portions of the viewing area. cloud cover will not amount to much and it will be a mostly sunny afternoon. it will be very hot for this time of year. yesterday, we were in the low to mid-90s. a few degrees warmer today so going to almost need precautions if you are out there later this afternoon. lots of water, that kind of thing. lots of sunshine, hot, humid, 95 degrees your afternoon high. more details on the forecast, cooler weekend in store and weather guy coming up in just a couple of minutes. tony is hard at work on that. >> shouldn't be too hard to get cooler than 95 for the weekend. >> i promise it will be cooler than 95. >> let's check with julie wright and get a look at the traffic. >> not looked too bad right now. the lane are open.
6:32 am
in southeast washington, we have tie-ups as a result of the incident here. if you are traveling the top stretch the beltway out of the fog, you will find lanes are open approaching university boulevard. no incidents to report headed over towards 270. 395 leaving duke street to seminary road, different side of town. not so busy with the fog. we do have the brake lights forming duke street headed out towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. comedy central's stephen colbert has a meeting with lawmakers this morning. he is testifying before a house commit yes on immigration. let's get more details now from sherry ly live on capitol hill. >> stephen colbert may be a comedy central host and comedian because his appearance testifying on capitol hill today is no joke. while he may not be the person you would think of as an expert on illegal immigration, anyone who has watched his show knows that he recently joined up with the unite farm workers to do the job of a migrant worker for
6:33 am
a day on a farm. cole we are's nicely show has featured the uufw's take our jobs campaign which invites u.s. citizen and legal residents to replace undocumented immigrants on farms for the day. on his show last night, he showed his stint as a migrant worker at an upstate new york farm where he picked beans in the field an sorted corn in a packing house. he will testify about his experience alongside the u fw before a house judiciary subcommittee. the hearing will focus on food security in the u.s. colbert will hold a repeat performance in washington next month. during dueling rallies, he will be holding a counter rally to jon stewart's rally to restore sanity. colbert is calling his the march to keep fear alive. about # 0,000 people are expected for the october 30th rallies on the national mall up from the original number of 25,000. now, that hear hearing today is scheduled to start at 90 in the
6:34 am
rayburn building. according to fox, one rub subcommittee member said this hearing was a joke. but a spokesperson said this is a serious issue and it is not a tv stunt. colbert himself said this isn't really much of a waste of taxpayer dollars as some people have criticized. he says he paying his way here and his lodging. the only things the tax pay vers to pay for is his water and the electricity for the mike phone for the five minutes he will be speaking. >> for more on the visit to the capitol today plus the rallies set for next month, go to the redskins suffered a gut- wrenching loss to the texans last week. >> this week, the competition comes down a little bit as they take on st. louis an their rookie quarter back. the problem is they have to go there so they'll be playing on the road. dave ross with us now. >> never easy though. on the road, any time in the
6:35 am
nfl. sarah knows this. this is not easy. >> the last couple of years, it hasn't been easy to play the rams eager. >> or the lions but we won't go there yet. they do have is some weapons, st. louis. the main weapon, he is a guy you might have heard from, awe guy named sam bradford. the number one pick in the entire draft from this year out of oklahoma. is a big tall kid. he has aquitted himself quite well showing poise in the pocket which is a good thing. you see him here on the rollout. he has athletic ability. he can scramble, make this things happen. he does not have a whole lot of help. the rams have lost the first two games although they are exit -- they were quite competitive in both of them. >> i watched him a lot throughout his college career and pre-own games. he has looked pretty good. he is very impressive.
6:36 am
he is a guy that comes around once every 10 years if my opinion. >> the picture of the present is this guy, stephen jackson who runs like he is always angry. he is just a very violent runner. it is a bad thing if you are trying to tackle him. a big and strong guy and trulyity rams number one option on offense. while bradford may get all the ink, jackson sudden shod get most of the attention of the redskin defense come sunday. here is my football theory of relativity. average teams tend to lose on the road. good teams strug olympic the road. elite teams go on the road and pound lesser opponent. we'll find out what category the redskin fall into. >> that is not make a statement. which team do you think? >> i'll make an official prediction next hour. >> i'm he not going to wait for that. >> ill a wait too then.
6:37 am
i already have my decision made and i'll wait until next hour. >> fine, wait until next hour. >> all right. it has been tough the last couple of years. the redskin have more talent this year. it has been over 0 years since gordon gekko first assured us that agreed is good. kevin mccarthy join us with his review. also ahead, this a maul pest that can do a whole bunch of damage and stink it up a bit. the stink bugs invading homes everywhere. as we head to break, we take a live look outside. can you see the skylighting up there, hopefully burning off the fog that you are probably dealing with as you get ready for the morning commute. we'll check in with tony and julie for your weather and traffic.
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downing us now is kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan. >> hi. how are you? >> you said you just saw wall street last night. >> the first one is a class you can. this is oliver stone's first sequel he has ever directed so bringing gordon gekko back to the big screen, that is a big deal. i loved michael douglas taking over this role again. this time around, he just got out of prison in 2001. it is now 2008. he is trying to actually help wall street. he is trying to advise them
6:42 am
that we're about to experience this massive financial crisis. now, shia is dating gordon gekko's daughter in the movie. it becomes this insanely dramatic film. i love the cast. eli wallach. i thought the movie wasn't as good as the original. the performances were stow strong. michael douglas is worth your money. hi a lot of problems with the editing. i didn't like the graphics. i did like seeing the 1980s cell phone. >> really? >> yeah. when i look back on sequels, terminator 2 judgment day, better than the original. i'llians, better than the original. god toward ii, you like it
6:43 am
better than the first one. this is a worthy sequel and worth seeing if you are a fan of the original. >> let's talk about catfish. we ran it earlier. i look at this and go how can this be interesting? ialways wanted to be a film maker. this movie was made for $2,000. it has already made $255,000. the profit margin is insane. here is the deal with this film. two film makers, one is the brother of the lead. he finds a girl on took. they develop a relationship. things do not start to add up. they find out that she might not be who she says she is. i can't really give anything way. all i have to say is stay away from any review on this movie except for this one because i'm in the going to spoil anything for you guys. they make a trip out to michigan to meet this girl who has been talking to him on the internet for months. it turns out -- i can't say anything but there is a big surprise. >> perhaps people could relate to it is maybe what you're
6:44 am
thinking if you are on facebook. >> it's commentary on our certainly networking and media. i think this is unintentionally genius. these guys did not set out to fine this story. they were just shooting their friends and trying to get a unique facebook relationship and end up getting this amazing story. the last 0 minutes, you will be blown away by. it is a $2,000 film and it is more rivetting than any film you've seen in the past year. >> come on. >> this is rivetting entertainment. >> better than avatar. i wasn't a big fan of avatar. i didn't love it. all it was pocohontas and fern gully in 3-d. >> legend of the guardians.
6:45 am
this one looks cool. >> beautiful visuals. it's visually stunning movie. but the plotted line deals with evil owls fighting good owls. i don't know how interesting that sounds to you guys. i think visually, it is a beautiful movie. story-wise, it is a little bit weak. i gave it a two and a half out of five. here is the thing. $150million budget for that movie. catfish is more rivetting, $2,000. >> i think i have to see it to prove you wrong. >> why do you want to prove me wrong so bad? >> i don't know. that is my mission now. >> never let me go. this one is pretty good. >> stay away from the trailers and the reviews. the a sick, twisted, dark, dare i say beautiful love story about three kids in school. they have no idea what this boarding cool really is. there is something crazy and sick going on there. check it out for yourself. based on a very popular book, never let me go.
6:46 am
i have all the cast on my show including the director of one- hour photo. four out of five. it is as crazy and sick as the joaquin phoenix movie? >> no, i had casey after flake on my show. can you see that. >> would green lights $150 million for a film about owls. >> it is like you said the words that were in my head. >> yeah. >> that make no sense to me. >> if they turn a profit, they'll make money. let's check on that forecast right now. we'll jump right in. ill ashow you what is happening outside as far as our current temperatures go. we are seeing our temperatures in the upper 60s to the mid- 70s. 73degrees right now here in the
6:47 am
nation's capital. 73degrees in annapolis. 62348 gaithersburg. 68 at dulles airport. calm bridge, maryland is at 72 degrees. here is a look he satellite- radar. what this will not show you, it will not show you the fog we have in place. we've been talking about it all morning. we have abeen showing you live pictures. the fog is dense in parts of the area. it will take time for that to burn off too. that is a problem we've got. other than that, the skies will be mostly clear today. our next real weather make are is going to come to us from the south and could bring us some rain eventually. here is what is going on. an area of low pressure forming well off to the south and west. not here. but with the jet stream being where it is, it is going to accepted some impulses into our direction which will bring us a chance of run late on sunday and then during the course of the next week after that for the first self days. but for the weekend, things aren't bad. saturday look fob a pretty day. cooler than today. high, 86. lots of sunshine. more clouds sunday and the chance of those rain showers
6:48 am
beginning to push in here late on sunday. mostly sunny skies today. hot an humidity i had with record heat. 95degrees is the projected high. five-day forecast, as i told you, tomorrow, 86 for your high. lots of sunshine. on sunday, 75 for a high. mostly includedy with some rain showers developing. and then a chance of run monday and tuesday. high in the 70s. that is awe look at what is happening with the weather. time now for ask the weather guys. a. in some ways dreading today's ask the weather guys. here we go. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or other swies. - - otherwise. this is the hardest question we've ever had. today's question is from onin win which ther p he writes, when i aperson looks into space, how do the scientists know that they are looking into the past and not looking into
6:49 am
the future? >> very deep. deep thoughts by onfrom on-- by john from winchester. >> those not an easily answered question. when you are researching it, it leads you to all kind of other things about physics, time, the space-time continuum. it is teen. tucker, you want me to start this. >> i want you to start and finish it. >> i'll start it. basically speaking, what john is talking about, you know, you've heard this. the light from stars that we see is traveling such a long way that by the time it gets here, the original star itself may be gone. it is did you have rent than it appears to us now -- it is different than it appears to us now because we are just getting the light. light travels at the speed of 18 # thousand miles per second. so a star that is billions of miles away, it is tax a long
6:50 am
time for that light to get here. what we're seeing -- this is true of almost anything. we all reflect light. so when i'm seeing steve right now, remember light travels super, super fast i am seeing steve as he was a billionth after second ago or something like that. >> i changed a lot. >> there is no evidence, no reason to believe and there is nothing in term of physics that suggests that when we're looking around or locking into space that we can see the future. we can only see what has come to us in the past or right now. >> for instance, the light from the sun is about -- you are looking at it as it was eight manhunt ago. the full moon last night was -- that light takes 1.3 seconds to reach your eyes. farther out you get towards the edge of the universe, the longer you are looking back in history. then it gets very complicated
6:51 am
whether or not you can look into the future. i'll hand it over to tony. >> scientists believe that, if you could travel faster than the speed of light, which we can't, then theoretically, you could time travel into the past and possibly the future. although there are some great mind that have looked into all of this. all of it is theory because we can't do it. there is no reason to believe that we will ever be able to do it. but there rhetorically it would be possible. one scientist said that you can't travel in time because if we could, we would have visitor doctors the future visiting us right now and we don't have that. -- but theoretically it would be possible. >> does your head hurt yet in. >> it is starting to.
6:52 am
>> does your head hurt yet? >> it is starting to. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to click on the weather habibie. i think we explained it very similarly but we didn't do it justice. we could talk about this for an hour. >> the music, it seems look a twilight zone because ever day at this time, it is like we're talking with julie wright over and over and over. >> teach, you sound luke that -- sound like that is a -- steve chenevey, you sound like that is a bad thing. we're tealing with a the bit of fog if you are traveling in from the west. so allow extra time out there on the roads. no incidents to report southbound along 270 out of hyattstown. we are slowing around the curve here. some of that fog is out there but a lot her work for those traveling in prince george's county. if you are travel ago long 28 approaching 66, we are checking
6:53 am
for a crash along the right side of the road. we are seeing traffic continue to flow with ease. suzanne nikolaus is slowing in centreville. we are 7100 to nutley street and nutley to the beltway. fox's the good guys returns for its season premiere. >> holly has a sneak speak coming up. >> we'll check in with holly in northwest d.c. coming up ♪ [ sniffs ]
6:54 am
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expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you. i have two things to talk to you about this morning. and i'm going to start with what's on tv, because the fall season premieres continue tonight. there is one show that started as a summer replacement, it started in june, but it appears people really like it. we're talking about the good
6:57 am
guys. the good guys is a new action comedy about what happens when an old school cop played by veteran actor bradley hit ford, and colin hanks expose the big picture of small crimes. think the law enforcement odd couple. >> thing that has to do with bradley whitford and a script is funny. he usually doesn't use much of the script. he will go off an a character tangent. and we have to roll with it. >> reporter: now, sitting next to diana is jenny waite, she plays the assistant da. it is the gal the talking about the good guys, which premieres tonight 9:00. matt morgan will guest star in the premiere at 9:00 o'clock tonight. what what's on tv to what's out there d.c., that's what i'm talking about today. what's out there is beautiful
6:58 am
landscapes like meridian hill park where we are live this morning. and where the cultural landscape foundation is wanting you to come this weekend. in addition to 24 other spots, public spaces, gardens, parks, you name it, anywhere we can all go. you are might know they're there, you might not know they're there, even if you do know, you might not know the story behind the historic landscape. we have some of the best collections of landscape of any city across the nation. this weekend is a two day event, inviting people to come out. at each of 25 locations, there are free guided tours. we'll check out three spots, meridian hill park, tutor place and the national cathedral. we'll give you all the information so you can find the different spots, when you need to be there and how you know who is the tour guide when you get there. it will be the perfect weekend for it. you will see your city in a whole new light. >> holly, it looks beautiful out there.
6:59 am
>> that's it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it over to allison and steve. >> prince george's county police exchange gunfire with carjacking suspects. two suspects are in custody, one is on the run. new details this hour. for the first time in nearly a century virginia has put a woman to death. we will have theresa lewis' last words. stephen colbert will be on the hilled to testifying in front of congress. we're live on the hill with a preview. then who had the worst weather this summer? you don't have to go too far toe find out. that story as fox 5 morning news continues at 7:00. we still have fog out there. if you look to the top left of your screen, there are brighter time ahead for this friday morning. it will get really hot outside too. september 24th. we're glad you're with us, good morning i'm steve


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